Young musicians can study in an international environment in Debrecen


Twenty master classes, twenty-two master instructors and nineteen instrumental sessions await applicants to the International Young Musicians’ Summer Academy at the University of Debrecen. In accordance with tradition, the World Youth Orchestra Zoltán Kodály will be formed again this year, directed by pianist and conductor Tamás Vásáry.

The Faculty of Music of the University of Debrecen organizes for the twenty-third time July 7-19. between the International Young Musicians’ Summer Academy for vocational high school students, college students, university students and young music teachers. At this year’s large-scale, international event, a total of twenty master courses and two additional courses will await students coming to the Faculty of Music. In addition to the individual master classes, you will also be able to participate in chamber music and symphonic orchestra work.

The summer academy is of decisive professional importance not only for the faculty, but also for the applicants.

The presence of recognized professionals is very attractive to young people, as students typically always choose an instructor in music education. For the students, this guarantees that they will become even better musicians. We are always trying to renew ourselves, this will also be discovered in the courses and the repertoire, as we also want to draw attention to the long road that leads to the stage and until then it is not only the instrumental knowledge that needs to be developed

– Judit Váradi, artistic director of the International Young Musicians’ Summer Academy, told

At the summer academy, master classes were announced for twelve different instruments, violin, bass, flute, flute, oboe, clarinet, saxophone, bassoon, horn, trumpet, trombone, percussion and piano, and singers are also welcome. It is no longer possible to register for the flute master course, it was filled in record time, within two weeks.

In addition to the instrumental and vocal masterclasses, the Faculty of Music also announced two additional courses for the summer event. Dezső Virág coordinates the session entitled “The musicality of the movement” and László Stachó directs the session entitled “Practice Methodology – The Complete Training of Musical Attention”. In addition to these musical skills, I want to develop the stage skills of the students.

More experts from abroad are coming to the master courses again this year. Violinist Orsolya Korcsolán from Austria, oboist József Kiss from Germany, Wim van Hasselt from Belgium, Dezső Virág from the Netherlands will come to Debrecen, but in addition to them, students will also be able to learn from percussionist Alejandro Coello Calvo and pianist Giovanni Bertolazzi. The interest of foreign instructors and students clearly shows that the international resonance of the summer academy has been steadily growing in recent years.

During the twenty-three years, the course has become very stable in the international public consciousness. We would like to introduce not only domestic but also international good practice to the participants, and the world orchestra is also a significant buzzword from here and beyond. The opportunity to perform is a huge incentive and a lasting experience for all young people

– added the artistic director.

The preparation of the Zoltán Kodály World Youth Orchestra is once again managed by pianist and conductor Tamás Vásáry and Zoltán Bolyky. After the rehearsals, the band will give public concerts in Debrecen, Budapest and Szatmárnémeti. The rehearsal period starts on July 7th in Debrecen, where the ensemble will learn the program of the concerts in vocal rehearsals and orchestral rehearsals under the direction of Tamás Vásáry with the participation of conductors Zoltán Bolyky and Andrea Daru. According to the plans, the world orchestra will play Verdi: Nabucco – Overture, Tchaikovsky: Swan Lake – details, Kodály: János Háry – suite.

From the age of 16, young musicians, students of music universities, faculties and institutes, and students of vocational high schools can apply for the master classes and the world orchestra. They can indicate their intention to join by May 31, and they will receive feedback on the successful application on June 15. At the end of the summer academy, the organizer recognizes the completion of the courses with a certificate from the Faculty of Music.


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