Debrecen University delegation in China


A delegation from the University of Debrecen visited several universities in Shanghai and Nanjing at the end of April. Institutional leaders also participated in the Chinese-Hungarian higher education forum held within the framework of the 13th Educational Global Partners Conference.

Károly Pető, general vice chancellor, Okszána Kiszil, director of coordination and strategy, and Ildikó Bácskay, dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, who led the delegation, visited two Nanjing and three Shanghai universities on behalf of the University of Debrecen. Under the leadership of Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, they agreed to prepare a cooperation agreement, as well as China Pharmaceutical University, China’s first established national pharmaceutical higher education institution.

The university leaders also visited two technical higher education institutions in Shanghai: they reviewed existing collaborations with representatives of Shanghai DianJi University and Shanghai University of Electric Power and discussed doctoral training. The university association related to the One Belt, One Road initiative, led by the Shanghai University of Electric Power, of which ten Chinese and several foreign universities are members, was also discussed during the discussions.

The university visits also affected Shanghai Jiao Tong University, where professional negotiations were held with the leaders of the School of Pharmacy, and the preparation of an agreement establishing cooperation opportunities between the two institutions was started.

General Vice Chancellor Károly Pető, Coordination and Strategy Director Okszána Kiszil, and Dean Ildikó Bácskay participated in the 13th Educational Global Partners together with the director of the International Education Coordinating Center, Attila Jenei, coordinator László Kozma and Adrián Nagy, managing director of Debreceni Universitas Nonprofit Közhhasznú Kft. Conference (EGPC) in Nanjing.

More than 150 Chinese universities were represented at the event, as well as their international partners and agents associated with the organizer iStudy Education Group. Within the framework of the conference, a Chinese-Hungarian higher education forum was also held, in which delegations from five Hungarian universities – the University of Debrecen, the Budapest Metropolitan University, the Eötvös Loránd University, the Neumann János University and the University of Sopron – participated.


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