Faculty of Engineering of the University of Debrecen: diversity and quality


The Faculty of Engineering of the University of Debrecen provides its students with high-quality, practice-oriented training that also takes into account the needs of the labor market. In light of this, the institution’s training palette is extremely colorful, and it plans to start basic courses in mechanical engineering and technical management in Szolnok from September.

High school students who wish to continue their studies or those who have already graduated can choose from eight basic courses at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Debrecen, which are architectural engineering, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, vehicle engineering, mechatronic engineering, environmental engineering, aeronautical engineering, and technical manager majors. In most of these, students can choose between two or three different specializations, depending on their interests.

The number of students at the Faculty of Engineering is increasing every year. It has never been this high before, currently more than 3,300 students are continuing their studies with them in a bachelor’s or master’s degree

– explained the faculty’s deputy dean of education.

Judit T. Kiss said that those with a BSc degree can continue their studies in one of ten master’s courses, they can choose architecture, mechanical engineering, environmental engineering, facilities engineering, mechatronics engineering, technical management, sports engineering, settlement engineering, structural engineering, and among electrical engineering master’s courses.

In response to the needs of the labor market, we are waiting for those who already have a diploma with more than twenty specialized continuing education courses, including the deservedly popular EHS, quality management, polymer technology, lean manager, and structural integrity and non-destructive specialist training, as well as professional engineering courses

– she added.

The number of foreign students on the faculty is already close to a thousand. For this reason, among the specialist continuing education courses, some are already available in English or only start in English, such as the Technical and Sustainability Strategy leading specialist continuing education course. Foreigners can choose from five basic courses (Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering, Professional Pilot and Vehicle Engineering) and five master courses (Engineering Management, Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronical Engineering, Urban Systems and Environmental Engineering). At the same time, they can also apply for one of the English-language specialist continuing education courses (Lean Engineer, Lean Manager, Strategic Engineering and Sustainability Leadership), which are primarily for Hungarian students and are available through the correspondence department.

We are planning to launch our engineering teaching program for both bachelor’s and master’s degree holders with specializations in electrical engineering-electronics, construction-architecture, mechanical engineering-mechatronics, environmental protection-water management and technical economics

– added the deputy dean of education.

Judit T. Kiss emphasized that the students of the Faculty of Technology must participate in a professional internship and that it is also available in several forms of dual professional training. In Debrecen, among the bachelor’s degree courses, mechanical engineering is available, while among the master’s courses, mechanical engineering, environmental engineering and technical management are available in a dual format.

The acquisition of up-to-date knowledge is supported by younger, energetic instructors, as well as teachers with significant industrial experience. High-quality laboratories equipped with modern equipment are available for the transfer of practical knowledge.

From September 2024, we plan to start our mechanical engineering and technical management basic courses, which are also available in a dual format, in Szolnok. During the dual training, the students have an employment relationship with the company, they have the opportunity to realize earnings and at the same time gain practical experience while they continue their education. This can contribute to students’ financial independence and the financing of their studies. Through professional practice and dual training, the world of work will no longer be foreign to the students. They gather relevant and valuable professional experience, which is why students who graduate from the Faculty of Engineering have very good chances of finding a job on the labor market within a few days, but many already have a job offer before receiving their diploma

– added the deputy dean of education.

She added that the range of training will be further expanded soon with the development of both English and Hungarian language courses.

Judit T. Kiss also reported that the new wing of the building, which meets the challenges of the age and is equipped with modern laboratories, serving both educational and research purposes, is expected to be handed over this year. After that, the existing buildings will be rebuilt, and modernized, the teaching rooms and student spaces will be transformed, as well as further laboratory developments, creating the conditions for the application of modern technology in education.

The Faculty of Engineering is committed to providing its students with a quality educational experience, and this investment is another step in this direction.


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