EUG2024: huge field, exciting “sports spring”


The summer European University Games (EUG) may set a registration record. The first stage of the application is closed, based on the preliminary entries, the 2024 competition could be the largest and most popular EUG of all time. Before the competition starts on July 12, the University of Debrecen is preparing several sports programs.

The EUG2024, which starts in 154 days, is jointly organized by the University of Debrecen and the University of Miskolc, as well as the municipalities of the two cities, the National Event Organizing Agency (NRÜ) and the Hungarian University-University Sports Association. The organization is progressing according to the plans, as confirmed by high-ranking representatives of the European University Sports Association (EUSA) during their recent visit to Debrecen.

At the University of Debrecen, futsal, soccer, handball, beach handball, 3×3 basketball, badminton and table tennis women’s and men’s competitions, as well as the latter’s parasport competitions, are expected to be held in a great (sports) festival atmosphere and with excellent organization in mid-July.

Interestingly, the longer and more popular team sports will take place in the city of Cívis. For example, men’s futsal players can enjoy the hospitality of the University of Debrecen and the facilities of its sports facilities for eight, the women’s and men’s soccer teams for seven, while the handball and badminton players can enjoy six competition days.

The first stage of the application was closed in the past few days, and the chancellor of the DE, Zoltán Bács, expressed his joy about the popularity of the event.

Almost 6,000 official participants representing 275 European universities have already registered. Almost half of the athletes and 40 percent of the attendants signed up for sports in Debrecen. In addition to the EUG, we will also organize our traditional Campus Sports Festival between July 22 and 24, so 4,000 athletes and their companions are expected to appear in Debrecen alone between July 8 and 24

– the chancellor pointed out.

The head of the university also emphasized that the Campus Festival starts on July 24 this year, the first day of which is also the closing event of EUG2024. The members of the huge, expectedly record-sized European sports field will thus be able to rest from the fatigue of the competitions at one of the most prestigious international music festivals in our country.

In the context of the EUG, a meaningful “sports spring” awaits the young people, as the Sports Science Coordination Institute of the University of Debrecen organizes sports events that are extremely popular among students every year, which of course cannot be missed this year either. This time, we can look at them as introductory events – Institute Director László Balogh gave detailed information about this.

In the history of the European University Games, ours will be the first when parasport competitors can also compete, and in the spirit of this, we will organize our already traditional parasport sensitization day on February 20. The grand final of the Buzánszky Cup, chosen as the best recreational sports event in Hungary, will take place on February 21, while the Medikus Cup will also come to Debrecen in April with around 3,000 participants, and we are already counting on EUG volunteers here as well

– indicated the director of the institute.

László Balogh added that the European University Games appear and receive great emphasis at every event of the Sports Sciences Coordination Institute, whose organizers in Debrecen carry out the preparatory work with exemplary cooperation.

The director of the institute also talked about the István Nyirkos Sports Science Professional College Day being organized in the spring, the main topic of which is international sports science cooperation. The event prepares the sports science conference that will take place during the EUG.

The last big visit of EUSA will be in Miskolc on February 13th and 14th. All the organizers, i.e. the NRÜ, the MEFS, as well as the entire management of the Debrecen and Miskolc organizing committees, will participate in this site visit to jointly discuss the remaining tasks.

The organizing team of the University of Debrecen is constantly waiting for volunteers to apply for the European University Games. All details are available on the event website.


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