MÁV-Volán: it is worth buying your ticket in advance for the Pentecost long weekend in Hungary


At Pentecost, it is expected that many people will travel on public transport routes, so it is worth buying your tickets in advance, or using the machines, online ticket purchase in Elvira or in the MÁV application; due to the three-day holiday, the traffic schedule of the Volánbusz services will also be changed – the MÁV-Volán group informed MTI on Wednesday.

They wrote that on May 19, Sunday, trains will run according to the holiday schedule, on the 20th, according to the Sunday schedule, and on the 21st, the usual working day schedule applies.

From the point of view of passenger traffic, the services of the more utilized morning and afternoon InterCity trains run with more cars than usual, they added.

Compared to the possibilities – depending on advance purchase of tickets – Nyírség between Budapest-Debrecen-Nyíregyháza, Tokaj between Budapest-Miskolc-Nyíregyháza-Debrecen-Szolnok-Budapest, Tópart between Budapest-Nagykanizsa, Balaton between Budapest-Keszthely, Budapest – Békés between Békéscsaba, Napfény between Budapest-Cegléd-Szeged, Bakony and Göcsej between Budapest-Veszprém-Szombathely and Zalaegerszeg, and Mecsek InterCity between Budapest and Pécs will be started with several cars by the railway company – they listed.

Additional cars will be put on the market in addition to the planned ones, if the passenger traffic requires it and the number of available vehicles makes it possible – they wrote.

Due to the three-day holiday, the timetable for Volánbusz services will also be changed: on May 19, Pentecost day, the working day off, on May 20, Pentecost Monday, the workday before the first day of school and work of the week, on Tuesday, the 21st, the schedule valid on the first day of school and work of the week the buses depart according to the public holiday schedule.

On Pentecost, HÉVs run according to the public holiday schedule, and on certain lines they run less frequently, the announcement states.


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