The government tripled the price of certain medicines in Hungary overnight


A government decree published on Wednesday evening tripled the price of the so-called magisterial medicines, i.e. preparations mixed locally in the pharmacy, Telex noticed.

47/2023 signed by the Minister of the Interior Sándor Pintér as the government member responsible for health. (XI. 15.) Pursuant to the BM decree, the new tariff is valid from Thursday, November 16.

In other words, Sándor Pintér literally tripled the price of preparing the affected medicines overnight.

The paper recalls that in the last few days, there was a big debate in the profession when a doctor-influencer talked about the fact that several pharmacists refused for financial reasons to prepare the medicine he prescribed, which had to be prepared locally, even though they did not have the legal opportunity to do so – the latter was reported by the National Institute of Public Health and Pharmaceuticals Center (NNGYK) also confirmed it to him. The financial reason behind the refusal to make it is that the necessary raw materials are not in stock, their acquisition is expensive, and since they are only available in larger packages, while they are rarely needed, it is largely left to them, which means a significant loss.

(Debreceni Nap)

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