The strategic basic document of the environmental control system in Debrecen has been prepared

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The strategic basic document of the environmental control system in Debrecen has been prepared, with which “science is put at the service of the city”, the mayor of the city of Cívis announced on Monday in the Oratory of the Reformed College.

László Papp (Fidesz-KDNP) said that the choice of location was not accidental: the Oratory was the scene of many historical events in the past centuries, and the development and operation of the environmental control system is of historical importance for the future of Debrecen.

He added that intensive economic development processes have taken place in the city in recent years, which cannot mean disadvantages, only advantages for the people living in the area, and this is also true for the environment.

The mayor recalled the stormy public hearing in February regarding the construction of a Chinese battery factory when he promised the citizens of Debrecen that, in addition to the operation of the factory’s internal monitoring system and official inspections, the city would develop a comprehensive environmental inspection system independent of these, based on the knowledge base of the University of Debrecen.

The monitoring system, which is based on scientific foundations, covers the entire area of the city and its surroundings, the observation points have already been designated, the construction of the system will begin in 2024, and the first data will be recorded even before the start of production of the large industrial plants – explained the mayor, and according to this, a unique environmental control system is being created in Hungary.

György Kossa, chairman of the board of trustees of the foundation that operates the University of Debrecen, said that science explores and analyzes environmental effects neutrally, based on facts, based on objective data, and in cooperation with the city, does everything to ensure the safety of the population.

Lajos Kósa, the Fidesz parliamentary representative of the region, emphasized the key role of energy storage, which must be solved in a way that does not endanger people. “The city takes care of its residents, nothing can be done that endangers the population, but it is necessary to improve and develop,” he added.

Professor László Stündl, the scientific and professional leader of the program, called the environmental monitoring system, which provides data from an area of 460 square kilometers “for the sake of green Debrecen”, as a model.

He explained that they will continuously measure and analyze the composition of the air and the quality of surface and underground waters. Part of the program is soil testing, noise monitoring and monitoring of changes in biodiversity. The data is processed by their IT work group, the work is assisted by the legal and economic work group.


Photo: Debrecen City Hall

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