The innocent locomotive driver of the Sáp train accident is being kept under deep anesthesia

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The 48-year-old man who suffered serious injuries in the train accident in Sáp on Wednesday morning is hovering between life and death.

According to primary information, the freight train continued on the track despite the prohibited signal and collided with the passenger train waiting there.

Speaking to RTL Hírado, one of the passengers – who was the only one to escape the accident without injury – said that the following was repeated over the public address system at the Sápi train station:

Freight train stop!

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The passengers did not even realize that the instruction was addressed to the freight train approaching them. The freight train did not stop and drove into the passenger train with enormous force. Seven people were injured in the collision, four passengers, a ticket inspector, the driver of the freight train and the driver of the passenger train, who could only be freed from the wreckage after more than 3 hours of work. The father from Püspökladany was transported to the Debrecen hospital in a life-threatening condition, his condition is still critical, and he is currently under deep anesthesia.

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